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Dublin visit

Hi folks! Finally I’ve edited and sorted out the photos from our latest trip to the irish capital! So lean back and enjoy!   We love the charming streets of Dublin. Even though the irish capital is really busy you still find some quiet places around the...
Quick post today Are you looking for new and cool stuff on Instagram? Travel blogger Anita has summed up trending hashtags or hashtags you should have a look at. If you haven0t checked out travelita’s blog go and read her blog! Kreative Instagram Hashtags!...

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

Alfred Stieglitz, 1864 – 1946

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Quote – Alfred Stieglitz

    Today just a short quote from Alfred Stieglitz, American photographer and pioneer of the modern photography....

Canon legria mini X unboxing

Hurray! The second unboxing video is here! Today we explore the Canon Legria Mini X. What’s inside the box? Have a look for yourself! The next few blog post will be about the camera itself and what my thoughs are. Also I will post a small footage video, so that...

Canon EOS 1200D unboxing

A while ago Canon sended me the all new Canon EOS 1200D (or Rebel T5, for my American followers) for some testing. Perfect timing for an unboxing video! Yes you have read it correctly! My very first YouTube Video is now online Take that Internet! Although it was great...

Polaroids for you! NOW AVAILABLE!

Finally they are here! It’s simply awesome! 24 Polaroids! It looks great! and now also available for all my clients!   Looks pretty, doesn’t it? It’s almost the authentic feel of an old Polaroid from the 80ies! The box includes 24 high quality...

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Latest Photo Project

I carried this idea with me for a while now. What happens if you take all the unnecessary office stuff away? What would the foot print look like if we all work at home, at Starbucks or in the woods?

A good friend of mine is an economical genius. These days we here a lot about social responsibility. That companies should care more and take over more responsibility. So we put Philipp in a suit and set up an office.


The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You.

- Chase Jarvis

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